When the number of projects increases, it becomes hard for the business to manage the workflow of the creative team efficiently. According to the study performed by PWC of business in thirty nations, it was found that only 2.5% of businesses were able to execute their project successfully in a specified timeframe.

This implies that 97.5% of projects were not able to hit their targets. One of the most efficient and trusted ways for successful project completion despite an increase in the number of projects is by implementing project management software.

Let us learn about some important things that you should look at when choosing project management software.

Reasons for the failure of a business project

There are various factors that lead to the failure of the business. These are lack of empathy, poor communication, inadequate assistance and absence of proper tools. The process of getting things done with the team decides your productivity.

Project management tools provide a channel for collaborative workflow and also provide various advantages to the teams:

  • Prevents frustration
  • Miscommunication
  • Streamline activities that are performed regularly
  • Removes bottlenecks by using the time in the best way possible

The right project management software makes it easy to meet deadlines.  There are some important features that should be integral in the project management software.

Gantt chart is a software application that helps a business track and delivers numerous projects at a single go. Depending on the individual needs of businesses, the software is available in desktop or online version.

Must-haves for creative project management software

Efficient and real-time project planning

Reliable project management software can share everything related to the process in real-time. While managing a team, project management software will make it easy to plan, schedule, assign, and delegate tasks. By making the updates visible through the project lifecycle, it makes it easier for creative teams to manage the project.

Plan Street is a trusted software company that offers a wide range of software like Scrum Board to offer better team collaboration. This tool showcases the progress of the scrum team at the time of a sprint.

Deliverables and milestones

Milestones are important for any business. It sets the stage of how the business will advance. Setting clear time limits on all deliverables is critical for project success. Creative project management software enables a business to set milestones to accomplish things at the right time.

Kanban Board is a vital tool for a business that visualized the workflow of a business project. It displays work-in progress and makes the business available to multiple projects at any given time.

Visual and efficient reporting

Project management software should offer workflow visualizations of the project to track things in spreadsheets. Without reporting and tracking, the precise success of the project can’t be judged.


In the absence of creative ideas, project management can become quite difficult for a business. Creative Project Management is very important for businesses to handle.

Project management software is helpful in the smooth execution of the diverse objectives of the business. All these important considerations will help you find the right project management system for your needs.

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