You have been trying a lot to create Facebook ads but end up unsuccessful. You keep testing different targeting aspects like demographics, images, interests, and text with the hope of hitting it finally. Unfortunately, the result sucks! Will you be able to create an efficient Facebook ad? You can certainly achieve a successful Facebook ad with the tips given below.

Facebook ad types

  • Canvas ads are a clutter of still images, videos, CTA, text, and other interactive elements. Mashing different interactive elements allow conveying a unique story, which can offer an immersive brand experience.
  • Carousel ads are great for displaying a lot of e-commerce products or videos with different CTAs in a single ad.
  • Page post engagement ads allow your content to be displayed before audiences who have already commented, liked, and interacted with it.
  • Facebook video ads are popular because shoppers are more likely to purchase after watching a video than non-viewers.
  • Facebook GIF ads are shorter than videos. Why make a 300 seconds video, when a brand story can be conveyed appealingly in less than 10 seconds. Graphics Interchange Format exists in space between videos and images.
  • Facebook lead ads are designed for mobile landing pages.

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Facebook ads account

  • Facebook analytics includes helpful features for customers and prospects to interact with your brand. Paid social campaigns can be reviewed from your smartphone.
  • Implement Facebook pixels to monitor the different conversion metrics.
  • Choose and structure your account correctly. The chosen campaign has to align with your marketing goal. Break ad sets based on advanced target and budget needs. Cycle the ad sets based on your lowest CPA.
  • A small budget does not mean your Facebook ad campaign will be unsuccessful. You will need to optimize it closely and be serious about your Google Analytics monitoring.

Facebook audience targeting

  • Remarketing allows targeting users who have already visited your social account or website. You have an advantage of how they interacted and which funnel section they reside in.
  • The Custom Audiences tool offers great remarketing opportunities. It allows targeting segments like customer files, web traffic, app activity, offline activity, and engagement.
  • Lookalike Audiences tool allows leveraging information you have associated with customers’ characteristics. Create an ad to attract prospects with similar characteristics based on the information you already have.
  • Audience Insights tool allows us to pull data from Facebook user’s profile and 3rd party data, which helps to create new targets.
  • In manual or layered targeting, audiences can be created through interest, behavior, and demographics.

Creating efficient Facebook ads

  • Understand the size and spec requirements of image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slide show ads. It helps to display your ad correctly!
  • The relevancy score is a metric Facebook uses to evaluate your ad’s quality and engagement capacity. Your ad gets scored after it is served more than 500 times.
  • All Facebook ad placements differ and can impact your campaign success. Learn about placement optimization!
  • Get familiar with how Facebook handles General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for better compliance.

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