Trade shows often create a huge amount of waste and carbon emissions. You can do your part to show your customers and audience that your company is going green by creating an eco-friendly trade show and take efforts to lessen the environmental impact. You can even attract vehement green supporters when you go green in all possible ways.

Here are some ideas to make your show green.

Eco-friendly Promotional Items

Pens are commonly used as giveaways in trade shows. Everyone will be having a junk of plastic pens that will end up in landfills. Consider using recycled pens made out of waste products like waste papers or recycled plastics or use sustainable pens made of bamboo. You can reduce the footprint of carbon on the planet by using recyclable products.

Reusable bags are an effective promotional product that goes well with any customer. People and businesses are shifting to eco-friendly reusable products to save the environment. If you use your customized bags as give away, then your brand recognition increases. Moreover, every time people use your bag they will be reminded of your brand.

You can get your recyclable bags at Custom Grocery BagsIt is a green company where you can get your customized bags for your brand at cost-effective rates. Their bags are of high-quality, durable, and are made of recycled materials. On any size of orders, you get them on time.


Go digital as much as possible. Usually, trade shows use a lot of papers like brochures, leaflets, and for printing purposes. There is an awful amount of paper waste. Go eco-friendly by using digital technology. Use emails to send your details to customers and record their details digitally. Choose eco-friendly printers when there is a need for printing.


Lightings are important to enhance your exhibition stand. But these usually consume a lot of energy. Choose LED lights to save energy at the same time, they are more efficient to normal lightings. LED lights can save up to 95% of the energy cost compared to traditional fluorescent lightings.

You can ask the venue to lessen the use of lights and limit the use of escalators by turning it on only when needed.

Display Materials

Use reusable or recycled materials for your trade show. Hire the needed display materials if it is a one-off event while you can save a considerable amount on purchasing costs. Even for multiple shows, you can use reusable exhibition stands with just reconfiguring it with your new brand.

Discuss with your stand contractor and choose the re-usable custom-built exhibition stands that can be easily reused and adjusted for other shows in the future. Thus, you can reduce waste without compromising your goals.


Flooring also plays an important role in trade shows. Choose green flooring that goes well with your other settings. There is now a wide variety of green flooring available to choose from. For example, cork wood flooring, palm wood flooring, and the like.

Going green not only helps the environment but also meets your business needs without compromising your commitment to the environment. By incorporating these small steps, your customers will understand your commitment to nature. This in turn can earn you appreciation from the audience and there is a chance for an increase in sales.

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