The selection of a new managed service provider can be a little tricky decision. You need to spend some time forming the right criteria to follow at the time of choosing a new vendor. We have come up with some important tips that will avoid the unnecessary hassle and help you choose the first class, and dependable managed services provider.

Target on Prevention

It is important to prevent the occurrence of the issues before they arise in your business. This requires you to have a robust operating system. Learn about the steps that the steps execute to prevent issues. 

Analyze the performance of the steps when they are being executed in the business. You can even check the statistics and reports that determine prevention. It will help you greatly to understand the technical particulars of the reports.

Technetics Consulting is one of the trusted managed service providers that got established in 2003. They have state-of-the-art internal processes in place. The team members at the company implement the best practices and use the best quality tools to provide excellent service to their clients.

Evaluate the processes of a vendor

You need not be technical to find whether they follow procedures for service delivery. Learn about their processes and see their process diagrams. Find out how they train their employees on the processes that have been implemented in your business. 

To get more insights, you can even talk to the professional who is working on this job. This activity, we help you learn about the efficacy of the implementation of their processes. 

Learn about their Best Practices

Their best practices will tell you about the reliability and effectiveness of the procedures and what results do their best services provide when implemented in the business project. It is important to get a trusted and consistent experience that caters to the needs of your business. 

Check about the Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators help you see how a new managed service provider keeps a track of the performance of their clients and team against the business procedures and Best Practices. Some of the KPI that you need to look for are:

  • Same-day close-rate for service tickets
  • Average time of resolution
  • Tickets per endpoint supported

Get References

Speak to your clients who have a similar sized business that yields the same level of productivity as that of yours. To get a better idea of the experience of the client with the vendor you need to perform a comparison of what you hear from the service provider with what the reference shows you. 

Make sure you don’t just focus on the positive points of the vendor. You should also review negative comments with the service provider. Analyzing both the positive and negative points of the vendor will help you arrive at a better decision. 


The important information mentioned in this article will tell you the right way to evaluate the vendor assess how will they benefit the business. By implementing these tips, you will help in making the right selection.

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