There are several trusted platforms online that can help unsigned music artists to release their music on top music channels, and streaming services. This makes it easier for them to start earning from the sales of their music. In this article, we are going to tell you the right way to get your music listed on prominent global music channels and stores easily.

Ways To Add The Song To Instagram Stories

To add your song lyrics to Instagram Stories, you need to follow below steps:

  • Sign up on the service provider’s platform and get verified. It will require a few days to complete this procedure. There are several top-rated services online that let musicians use it to get music on Spotify.
  • Now download the service provider’s application on mobile or desktop add or change your time-synched lyrics. After when your lyrics are agreed by the platform, your music will be added to Instagram.

Ways to find music on Instagram

  • Go into the Instagram story mode. Click on choose the “music” sticker and add your music lyrics.
  • Once your song appears, select it and choose the part of it that you want to listen to.
  • You can even share your song with your fans.

How to add your music to Spotify?

  • Choose MusicDigi to get your tracks on Spotify
  • Sign in to the Music Digi account.
  • Select the preferred release type to get your album or song on Spotify
  • Upload music along with cover art to put the music on this streaming service.
  • Add music contributors to your song. They will get credited when people stream your song.
  • After it is approved by MusicDigi, it will get uploaded on Spotify.

Ways To Add Music To Tiktok Videos

TikTok is the fastest-growing video platform for users to easily and quickly create distinctive short videos to distribute throughout the world. With MusicDigi, you can also upload and get your music into TikTok website.

For users with an existing catalog:

Sign in to the MusicDigi account. Now click on the album. Click on “Preview and Distribute”.  Click on “Distribute this release”. Select “TikTok”. It is done.

For new music users:

After you upload your new music to MusicDigi, you need to simply choose the “TikTok” option available on the store’s page. MusicDigi is the best service that helps budding music artists to put music on Apple Music.

Features of MusicDigi

  • MusicDigi is viewed as a trusted service that works by helping musicians to put their music into their chosen top online stores and streaming services.
  • This service distributes the music of artists on a vast collection of digital music stores and streaming services worldwide such as Deezer, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and more. It is the leading online space to quickly and affordably sell my music on iTunes.


Once you have composed and recorded your music, you are all set to release it to the public via key music platforms, and stores through a music distributor. This gives the best start to the musical career of the artist.

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