A company that uses turbines and generators know how important it is to have regular inspection to maintain a productive and safe workplace environment. A regular maintenance program also means hiring the right kind of professionals and using the correct inspection tools.

Compelling Reasons to Use a borescope 

Obtain high-resolution images

borescope camera is used to capture internal part images. It is necessary to identify the defects if any. You can check on the different borescope types in usaborescope.com. The technicians analyze the images and problems get diagnosed a strategy is crafted to correct the problems. A high-resolution picture offers a precise and accurate display of the fault.

A good resolution plan gets applied and your turbines and generators function better. Your business does not experience any downtime and you can depend on the machine’s function ability. The technicians take a short inspection time, which is impossible with other methods.

Access unreachable locations

There are some parts in the turbines and generators, which are impossible to access with other methods. If the issue lies in these areas, you will not see or be aware of it. With a borescope, you get clear images of these parts and diagnose defects with ease.

Some of these inaccessible areas house delicate machine parts, which are prone to break if you try to open. The repair or replacement of the delicate part adds to the cost. A Borescope inspection service is an effective option for such unreachable inspection tasks.

Foreign object retrieval 

Turbines and generators encounter foreign objects raid often, as the air gets sucked or enters via faulty filters through fuel channel. During generator and turbine inspection these objects are looked out for. Borescope helps to identify the foreign item and its location. You are provided images, which help you to plan a way of retrieving foreign objects. These foreign objects if ignored can gain access to delicate parts leading to more damages.

How to hire a reliable boroscope inspection contractor?

For the best results, it is crucial to hire a reliable boroscope inspection contractor.

  • Choose a provider with a proven success record in this field.
  • Reputable provider knows the kinds of services turbines and generators need.
  • Referrals are trusted sources, but you can even consult online searches.
  • High recommendations from in-person and online is a great starting point.
  • Choose a provider offering borescope inspection services because the gas-operated turbine system is delicate. Borescope offers precise results, which helps to stay ahead of a potential equipment issue.

Non-destructive testing is best to ensure your generator and turbine system is functioning better and safely. Choosing a good inspection provider allows us to save money and time down the road. Using the borescope method the contractor will identify faults quickly with real-time images and even the necessary repair of the problem gets done quickly. You get an assurance that the inspection is in good hands using the right tool.

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