Although TV technology has changed significantly over the years, it is regaining popularity to get your channels over-the-air using an antenna.   However, antenna reception is much better than what it used to be. You are provided with a high-resolution digital HD video quality.

The greatest part is, you obtain free local channels and their subchannels, and all you need is proper equipment. Not just that, but on the networks you receive, you’ll get higher coverage because the transmission is not distorted like cable and satellite.

How to set up your antenna

Usually, you should always go for a professional antenna installation. But If you are looking for your TV or other equipment to obtain incredibly clear audio and unmatched image quality in Melbourne, Antenna Plus is your best bet. All you have to do is google antennamelbourne, and this firm would show up on top on the list.

However, if you are hell-bent on setting up your antenna on your own, few points should be kept in mind:

  • Aim

The higher your antenna is set, the better it is. You would want to see whether you can position the antenna on the floor above if you’re trying to get a decent signal on a TV in a basement. Target the antenna from a window that looks at the transmitters if you can, and keep it away from other gadgets such as stereos, microwaves, and appliances.

  • Boosters

Boosters can help in some situations, but try various antennas before you do so. Boosters can create more signal distortion if used incorrectly.  If your antenna already has a built-in one, you shouldn’t have to use more than one booster on it.  High-quality boosters such as the ClearStream Amplifier are far more powerful than those of low quality.

  • TV Connection

Having your antenna to connect with your TV is a vital part of this process because you don’t just plug it in. You’ll need to instruct the TV to locate the channels after you’ve installed your antenna. This is considered a search for channels and you can do it using the main menu of your TV. If you’re uncertain how to do this, check your TV handbook.

Factors to be considered while installing an Antenna

  • Check the quality and size

A television antenna comes in various brands and sizes, like any other digital device. Higher-quality antennas with better features are only made by certain brands.

The construction and maintenance of an antenna that is more complex and uses sophisticated technologies would typically be more costly. You can never buy products that are far outside your reach since you will find that you can not afford to repair them.

  • Do not get it installed by an electrician

Since there is a lot of knowledge from many different sites about digital Media, it can be hard to determine what is right and what is not.

If you turn over to digital TV, only a qualified TV antenna technician will give you a good understanding of what to expect and guarantee that you buy the right equipment. They will also suggest alternatives if you have already converted to digital TV but are facing signal issues.


With a digital over-the-air TV signal antenna, you can make the choice today to abandon your cable or satellite provider and reduce your monthly expenses.

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