When windows fail, it is just so frustrating. Windows 10 is the latest operating system that has been used by over 10 million users. But the operating system faces a lot of problems on daily basis. Further, the update feature of Windows keeps on failing from time to time which creates a hindrance in the work.

Professional computer services will guide you on what to do when a Windows update fails. If you are having any problems with computers, you can contact them for support. Whether it is computer repairs or upgrades, their experts will provide the best solutions. Before that, you can try some of the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Things to do when Windows keeps failing while trying to install new updates

  • Having a backup

It’s very important to make back up all essential files and documents you can have on your computer. If the computer is formatted, everything will be deleted. Likewise, you can store it in the drive, or also, there is a hard drive to store all the files.

Restart the Windows and start it again. When the Update fails, restarting can put the machine back in position. You can install the next updates and the problem will be solved.

  • Pausing of all the updates

Go to Settings and then Update and Security. You will get Windows Update where you hit on the advanced button. Besides, switch back all the updates and pause them. When the updates are going on in the back, the computer becomes very slow. Clear all the downloadable as well.

Then go to Windows Update again. This way you can delete the updates from the Windows directory making the work easy.

  • Deleting the software distribution directory

If the troubleshooter doesn’t work, the best way is to clear all the old update files. Further, restart the machine in the Safe Mode. Clear the files by stopping the Windows update service. Safe Mode works better.

Then, open the File Explorer while navigating to the Windows folder. From then, delete the folder called Software distribution.

  • Downloading the latest feature update from Microsoft

If the windows update is failing, you will want Microsoft to download it directly. Bookmark the Windows 10 update from the Microsoft page. After downloading, run the update along with the image. Check if everything is safe or not.

  • Updating the Windows Troubleshooter

There is a troubleshooting tool in Windows and the easiest way to find is by typing in the search box. Fix all the Windows problems in the troubleshooter. Also, if you don’t want the advanced features, simply click on Next. Advanced features do take some minutes but worth it. Make troubleshooter as the admin to fix many problems.

If all the other measures fail, you can repair the Windows Installation. The Windows work in place repair with the upgrade being part of the installation process.


These are some of the ways to update Windows when it is failing. Or you can cancel all the updates if they are creating problems. Any of these ways will help you get an Updated window.

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