If you are a Canon user, you would have surely come across the CR2 file opening issue. It is very common. CR2 is the abbreviation for canon raw second edition and it is the standard format in which canon camera takes photos. Since it is raw, the camera sensor does not process the image. The CR2 image format holds a lot of benefits for the users.

Because the image is raw and unprocessed, it gives a lot of leeway to the user to edit the image. The editing is naturally better than the JPG files because the file is a huge and unedited digital version that allows the editor to highlight and reveal the required details. The original image has a very genuine and natural appeal, which is scarce in other formats.

However, there are some issues with the CR2 file too. The huge size makes it very difficult to edit. To rectify the issues concerned with CR2 format, it must be converted into JPG. This requires a converter. If you are searching for a CR2 file to JPG converter free download then you must download the converter of reaConverter7.

Common issues with the CR2 format

One of the major issues is the size of the file. Not only does it make it difficult to edit the image, but it also makes the storage an issue. In a business environment, the sharing of such massive CR7 files is a herculean task. This format is ideal for 3-D modelling projects. The format of CR2 is in its inchoate stages, it is growing yet not in vogue.

The solution to the issue

Since all the issues related to size, compatibility, shareability revolve around the format of the image, one of the plausible solutions is to convert the image to some other format. One of the most popular image formats is JPG. There are many converters available online which convert the format of the CR2 image to JPG.

When should you not convert the image?

The core issue regarding the CR2 image is the size and compatibility. Many a time, it is better and in fact advisable to keep the image in CR2 format. When you are editing the image, CR2 format is the best option. Once you are done editing, convert the final image to JPG format. This way, you will not have to sacrifice the picture quality.

This also solves the problem of shareability because JPG format images are very easy to share with your cronies.

Converting options

Many online converters do the job impeccably well. If you want to go for offline converters, you may opt for adobe lightroom, adobe photoshop, aperture, and iPhoto.


No matter how many issues revolve around the CR2 format, the benefits of the CR2 form cannot be underscored enough. This makes it a very plausible format for editing and making masterpieces from raw, uncluttered images. You should convert the image only if the size or compatibility of the image is an issue for you.

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